Core Business

Amulet in de vaart small We transport and bunker heavy fuel oil and mineral oil to and from different refineries, storing places and diverse seagoing vessels in the Ara region (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerpen) and other European waterways.


Green sailing

Amulet in de vaart small VOF Amulet chose to clean the exhaust fumes, which leaves the generators. The idea behind this is that we shall make a great step forward when the E-prop system saves fuel. It was time for a perfect follow-up treatment. And that we did.



Amulet in de vaart small The ecotanker Amulet has won severel prizes and was nominated multiple times for her innovative intentions. On the media page, you can read some articles about what the young entrepreneurs have accomplished.


VOF Amulet

Consisting of Frans Jansen, Igor Jansen and Ton van der Molen. We are the owners of the first diesel-electric ecotanker Amulet in inland shipping.


The ecotanker, the cleanest inland ship, is fully diesel-electrically driven. It concerns a type C bunkerbarge with the measurements 135 meters length, 14.15 meters width and a cavity of 6.17 meters. The loading capacity amounts to 6752 ton and we can pump up to 2000 cubic meters per hour if wished. Green power and a favourable Carbon Footprint mark the ecotanker.


The ecotanker and its advantages include:

  • Made up of new and existing techniques.
  • Converters directly from the lorry industry, without follow-up burning.
  • 4x Volvo Penta generators, 6 cylinders, 450 kilowatt.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • A CO2 reduction with at least 32%.
  • Advanced, reliable Power Management System from D&A Electric BV.
  • Carries out all the emission requirements, which apply until 2022.
  • Performs better than the Euro 5-norm.
  • Half the engine power build-in than in a conventional ship.
  • Fully diesel-electrically driven.
  • Offers space to a loading of 285 lorries.
  • Prevents a traffic jam of well over 5 kilometers
  • Two electrically driven propellers that are height adjustable.
  • Without cargo, ballast is not necessary and there is optimal efficiency for the propellers.
  • Double hulled tanks, which is beneficial to safety.
  • Cargo: 6752 ton/7145 cubic meters product.



polmai amulet blueroadgreen-award


Ecotanker Amulet was nominated for the Durable Tuesday prize.

duurzame-dinsdagThe tankbarge Amulet from Barendrecht was nominated for an important durability prize within the context of Durable Tuesday on September 6th, 2011. Igor Jansen (Barendrecht) and Ton van der Molen (Zwijndrecht) their ship has been sailing for 4 years now.

Calculations have shown that the durable and innovative inland ship uses at least one-third less energy than a conventional ship, which makes the inland ship discharge at least 32% less CO2.

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To keep innovating. With the ecotanker, we brought the cleanest and most economical ship into navigation. We use at least 32% less energy. The emission of the energy we do use, is cleaned perfectly with the advanced converters. This combination eventually leads to a minimal harmful emission, far below the Euro 5-lorry norm and the future regulations. That is real progress, which was crowned with the KNVTS 'Ship of the year' award in 2011. This prize had not been won in our branch in over 12 years. The next logical step is the LNG market. We are preparing.