About the ecotanker

It concerns a type C bunker barge with the measurements 135 meters length, 14.15 meters width and a hollow of 6.17 meters. The loading capacity amounts to 6752 ton and if wished we can pump up to 2000 cubic meters load per hour.

The Amulet has been sailing since November 2010.


Green power and Carbon Footprint:

The Carbon Footprint is the measure of emission of CO2 you produce as a result of using fossil fuels. In our case, it is during the transportation over the water and the transfer of products to other ships or tank terminals.  


Despite this method only being discussed once in a while, everyone agrees that doing so contributes to global sustainability.

We are striving for the most favourable Carbon Footprint in the supply chain possible, in our case a reduction of at least 32%. And the emission? The emission is at all times, during sailing on green power or during transferring for our customers, far below the EURO 5-lorry norm. 

These are big steps forward and this is necessary to keep up with other modes of transportation. Through years of experience and expertise we are able to transport cleanly and safely and by that meet the increasing demand of environmentally conscious transportation. We are doing this together with our supplier Vinotra. 


Factsheet to read about the ecotanker.
Available in Dutch, English and German.

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