Ecotanker in the media

The ecotanker is a big step forward in the world of inland shipping; as a result the media spent extended attention to us. The ecotanker won diverse prizes, of which we are proud. If you missed something, feel free to read the related articles*.

*The articles are written in Dutch. The links to the articles can be found on the Dutch Mediapage, on this page you can read the highlights of the articles.



dolf-jansen-uitreiking-Bleu-Eff-AwardElectrically driven tanker wins 'Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency Award 2012

Out of three candidates, the ecotanker of V.O.F. Amulet convinced the jury the most. The most important factor was that the owners of the Amulet have used promising durable innovations on multiple sections of the drive: the motorizing, the energy management and the power transmission onto the water. The runner-up is the inland ship Argonon of Deen Shipping. This is the first ship in Europe to use natural gas as motor fuel. The management system for public lighting of Maiken Systems placed third.



amulet schip van het jaarAmulet wins KNVTS 'Ship of the year' award 2011

The Royal Dutch Association of Engineers on Shipping Department set up the KNVTS 'Ship of the year' award (May 1998) on the occasion of her 100th anniversary. This prestigious prize is attributed and distributed to an in technical aspect innovative ship, which is designed and built in the Netherlands. The ships are judged on the criteria and its ability to be revolutionary, environment friendly, safe and economical.




duurzame dinsdagBunker barge Amulet nominated for 'Durable Tuesday' prize.

Skippers visiting the cabinet.

The inland tanker Amulet from Barendrecht is nominated for an important prize within the context of Durable Tuesday on September 6th. The ship of Igor Jansen from Barendrecht and Ton van Der Molen from Zwijndrecht has been sailing for a year now. Calculations have recently shown that the durable and innovative inland ship uses one-third less energy than a conventional ship and therefore discharges up to 32% less CO2.


Polluting substances are reduced in such a way that the ecotanker amply reaches the Euro 5-lorry norm. And this is very good for the environment, according to a satisfied minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment). She hopes that more shippers will follow this example. The goal of Durable Tuesday is to give as many initiatives an opportunity to further develop their idea. In this year there are over 400 durable ideas submitted throughout the Netherlands for the Durable Tuesday-case for the cabinet. The shippers from Barendrecht and Zwijndrecht got through to the final round, consisting of 16 nominees. State Secretary Henk Bleker (ELI) will receive the Durable Tuesday-case to represent the cabinet on September 6th. The judges of Durable Tuesday distribute prizes for the 8 most innovative suggestions for advancement of a durable society.


Part of this meeting is a debate with the members of the Lower House, initiators and invitees. Besides, minister Marja van Bijsterveldt (Education) distinguishes persons who take a lot of trouble for a durable society with a Durable Ribbon. Next to the Amulet there are 15 other nominated ideas.



jade deja amuletEcotanker Amulet in the Binnenvaartkrant.

The ecotanker of Igor Jansen from Barendrecht and Ton van Der Molen from Zwijndrecht has been sailing for a year now. Calculations have recently shown that the durable and innovative inland ship uses one-third less energy than a conventional ship and therefore discharges up to 32% less CO2.
Polluting substances are reduced in such a way that the ecotanker amply reaches the Euro 5-lorry norm. And this is very good for the environment, according to a satisfied minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment), who hopes more shippers will follow this example.



Ton igorEcotanker Amulet forces towards different thinking.

You start one out of four Volvo-generators, which supply energy to 2 electric motors of the Veth L-drives, which are just lowered 64 centimetres under the surface. At the same time, the on-board power supply network, the pumps and other equipment get energy. A press of a button later and the hydraulic steering system will come into action. Anchors out, behind in front and down below! The D&A E prop-propulsion increases the speed as economically as possible to 15 kilometres. Argos-converters and fine filters capture nearly every trace of emission.


Technology from Neuss on ecoship.

HummelEnergie partner ecotankerThe converter technique of handyman the Hummel Energy-System (HSE) from Neuss makes the Dutch tanker Amulet the inland ship with lowest harmful substances in Europe. What eventually is blown into the air by the 4 diesel motors, go far below the limit of the Euro 5-Lorry with over 70%, calculates Jochen Lippert, director and head developer of HSE proudly.



Ecotanker gets presented with Green Award.

GreenAward logoAfter the certification of the 3 frontrunners, recently at the ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Green Award certificated a whole platoon of inland shipping-entrepreneurs on July 1st. The counter is now on 22 certificates for ships and their crews, who showed the inspection that they apply themselves to pollute the environment as little as possible.






Hummel energy ensures cleanest bunkerbarge.

The Hummel Energy System GmbH (HES) from Neuss equips the bunker barge, which is sailing under the Dutch flag, Amulet with a modified SCRT (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) emission cleaning system. This makes the 135 meter long ship not only the first diesel-electrically powered bunker barge in the Rhine-area, but also the least polluting ship in her class in Europe



Diesel-electric tanker sails more economically.

schoon varenHolland Shipyards, located in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, will deliver the diesel-electrically driven ecotanker Amulet (135x14.15x6.17 meters, 6500 ton, 7164 cubic) in November. The Amulet is a type C bunker barge, which is also suited for Rhine-sailing. The Amulet is supposed to use 30 to 40% less fuel than comparable inland ships.







Arrival Motorised tanker Amulet in Rotterdam.

After a long journey which started in Shanghai on November 18th, 2009 and made stops in Singapore, Whale bay, Namibia and Mauretania the tugboat RT Peter of Kotug arrived with its tow in Waalhaven, Rotterdam on Thursday, April 15th. The RT Peter towed the hull of the coaster Flintercoral. Located on the deck and in the hold were 3 bunker barges loaded in 11 pieces. The RT Peter itself is brand new as well. It was delivered in Niigata, Japan last year. The RotorTug is an ultramodern tugboat, which Kotug uses while working in Bremerhaven. The inland ships are the 135x14,20 measuring ecotanker Amulet for the equal VOF of inland shipping-entrepreneur Frans Janssen and 2 86 meter-tankers for Rensen Shipbuilding and Speksnijder Watertransports. The ecotanker gets its name from the fact that it is the first tanker, which is diesel-electrically driven. Frans Janssen: ìThere are 4 generators, instead of a head engine and they are each turned on separately if needed for driving. This means that not a single motor will work at 50% of its operational capacity. If I am going to order more ships, I will definitely choose for this again.

(Source: Binnenvaartkrant)




Presentation 'Ecotanker' in the Binnenvaartkrant

vofamulet2At the presentation of ecotanker, H. Goossens from Vinotra and C. Nobel from IHDA Shipbuilding welcomed a large number of interested from the branch in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet on April 11th. It concerned the construction of an approximately 7000 ton bunker barge, built with diesel-electrical propulsion in combination with in height adjustable stern drives. Frans Janssen, his son Igor Janssen and Ton van der Molen are the steersmen behind the ecotanker project, by which the tone in the inland shipping is set. The keyword is to undertake.





Cleanest tanker invests in green.

Jaarverslag-Senternovum-2009A meeting with a director-general and a councillor, 2 shippers and a fish farmer, a private investor, 2 bankers and an energy supplier. Anyhow, Igor Jansen and Ton van der Molen did not start their project blind sighted. Their current ship, the Jade, already has some innovative features and when they made the plan to build an ecotanker, they knew very well where to get the biggest profit, namely in the drive. The Amulet will get electrically driven propellers, which will be height adjustable. "Handblenders", Igor Jansen calls them. Because of the adjustability, the propellers can work optimally and ballast is redundant.





Diesel-electrically drive proven in reality.

"Spectacular descending fuel use with electrical propulsion’, second conclusion: ‘The average propeller efficiency (of 50%) with a diesel motor is 20% worse than the average propeller efficiency (of 60%) of the frequency controlled transmission with an electric engine".




Diesel-electrical tanker a quarter more economically.

"Fuel saving compensates additional costs in 2 years"
The power management system makes sure that there will not be more generators working than necessary; this will keep the pressure optimal. In combination with an electrically driven adjusted four-wing propeller, it makes sure that the use of fuel is considerable less than before.



V.O.F. Amulet in the Binnenvaart Magazine

binnenvaartmagazine april 2010"We discharge less CO2, NOx and Particulate Matters, which corresponds to the Euro 5-Lorry Norm for lorries and with the CCR4-norm, which is valid until 2022. And that works on both sides: at the front less fuel goes in and on the other side we clean our exhaust fumes, which decreases the emission of CO2 even further. And we think that we as a “green bunker barge” have a head start on Maasvlakte 2, because the port of Rotterdam is trying its best to repulse emissions". They are talking about the ecotanker, a diesel-electrical bunker barge, developed by IHDA in cooperation with among others D&A electric, on initiative from inland shipping-entrepreneur Frans Jansen (father of Igor).