Sailing with a clean conscience



About the use of the newest techniques and how these techniques were established on the ecotanker, this video gives some clarity about the development of the ecotanker Amulet and the ideas behind it. The aspects that will be discussed are about both technical and safety aspects. How the environmentally friendly ship is operated will be discussed as well. You will see that the ecotanker is far ahead of it's time.


Sailing with a clean conscience


Better performance, less consumption and cleaner


VOF Amulet and her partner Polmai




VOF Amulet has had a good relationship with Firma Polmai since the beginning. Polmai is active in inland shipping, shipping and business. They deliver and maintain everything which has anything to do with fire safety relating to ships and buildings. Polmai delivered among other things automatic canons, fire distinguishers, gas detection and personal protection means.