Volvo Penta generators

Volvo Penta generators.

VOF Amulet chose to place 4 generators of the brand Volvo Penta and this is not without reason. They are compact and economical engines of the type D16, 6 cylinders in line with power of 450 kW each.

First of all, a frequently heard complaint is: 'My engine uses more fuel, because of the CCR2 standard'. Yes, NOx can be reduced by a.o. things injecting more diesel. This is what a lot of manufacturers do and the complaints of the entrepreneurs are rightly so.









Volvo Penta succeeded in getting the D16 line more economical by the transition from CCR1 to CCR2. Volvo Penta controls the technique to reduce the emission without injecting fuel, which is unique in the engine market. It is all about the more economical part, because we are going to clean the exhaust fumes, which are still discharged, in a way that goes far beyond the CCR2 and creates a discharge, which already meets the future regulations.

These regulations will not apply until 2022. In addition, the total emission of fumes, for example CO2 will considerably decrease, because of the fuel savings due to the E-prop. With this, the ECOTANKER is a double-edged sword: On one hand we save fuel with the Volvo Penta D16 generators in combination with the E-prop and on the other hand we clean emission with the SCRTÆ System, which we installed in cooperation with Argos Energies.

All in all a big step forward in which Volvo Penta plays a big part.

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